Cryptosteel MIX


Backorders delivery date:
late September 2017

If you are not sure what to choose – this set is for you:
You will be able to assemble:
+Master Seed
+Any Private Key or Sentence
+Any Hexadecimal Private Key


– double sided – each side can hold up to 48 tiles – 96 free tiles slots for any type of sentence, or 24 Mnemonics.
– over 655 letter tiles
(MNEMONIC and ANYKEY letter set in two boxes – all together)
– UPPER & lower case
– numbers
– special symbols : + – = * 

Available on backorder


hand-crafted cold wallet fresh from our bespoke assembly line in Poland. Unit “MIX” is Master of all Cryptosteel.
One set contain 655+ letter tiles and numbers.
This Cryptosteel unit can be used as an “eternal backup” for TREZOR and BIP39 HD wallets.
Cryptosteel Wallet will be packaged in bespoke, handcrafted Rafael AkahiraMutant packaging.

Weight 560 g

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