We believe the greatest risk to safety and prosperity today lies with the centralisation of information, resources and power.
By allowing people to physically safeguard their own digital keys, we champion the decentralisation of digital assets, virtual identities, and personal data.
We create extremely dependable, no-third-party security solutions that combine uncompromising utility with ease of use.


The idea that led to Cryptosteel was born in 2013, just as early adopters were first discovering the potential of open-source projects and free currency networks. It was then that Cryptosteel’s founder and future CEO set out to deploy his knowledge of metalworking to give invisible virtual assets a physical form. By 2015, Cryptosteel was a crowdfunding success, and by December 2017, both Forbes and the Wall Street Journal had also taken notice. Worldwide demand has led Sword Ltd, the privately-owned company behind Cryptosteel, to ship devices to over 100 countries.

All Cryptosteel products are produced in-house and shipped to customers and resellers worldwide. The Cryptosteel Cassette blueprints are available on an open source basis.


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