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Cryptosteel is the master of all backups.

Indestructable tool for storing sensitive information as a sequence of alphanumeric characters engraved on stainless steel.

Therefore, it’s perfect for storing private keys, passwords, or wallet recovery seeds in a most safe manner. Think of this artefact as like a readily-accessible safe deposit box: you decide what goes in and out

Cryptosteel comes with more than 250 stainless steel letter tiles engraved on each side. Users are able to store up to 96 characters worth of confidential information in steel rack  in minutes, guaranteeing the data’s safety without the need for specialized tools.

Characters must be assembled manually from the supplied set of steel letter-blocks. After enclosing the private sentence into the Cryptosteel case, users can rest assured that their private key is completely secure and will resist any physical disaster, weather condition, events of mishap or accidents.

You can check or explainer video to see Cryptosteel in action –

Or you can check video made by one of our happy customers – 

Unboxing video by m1xolyd1an –

Cryptosteel can store all your private sensitive data:

Master Passwords to your Lastpass

Bitcoin private keys – BIP39 support


Insurance Numbers

Swiss Bank Passwords

GPS coordinates

or even Haiku

The beauty of this backup solution is that you only need to assemble the first 4 letters of each word. Those 4 letters are unique and sufficient to recover the sentence and the entire bitcoin wallet. We did a frequency analysis and determined the minimum set of letters that are needed to create the Cryptosteel.

Engraving is historically most proven and reliable method of storing information. There is no 3party involved holding your recovery seed

Cryptosteel is Fireproof up to 1200 C, or 2100 F – it means that Cryptosteel is far beyond all  solutions available on the market, and lag behind even the Class-350.4 most expensive vaults and constructions.  

Cryptosteel is steel only – the biggest challenge was to design and produce a construction made entirely from the one material – no other materials was used, Cryptosteel is 100% steel. Cryptosteel is marked out as an ideal confidential information storage-system: even the worst disasters cannot destroy the cold wallet’s stainless steel construction (AISI 304).

You can store your master recovery seed with Crypto Steel cold storage. The main advantage is that your seed never does not reach your computer, while your master password with common Password Manager – LastPass, Dashlane, 1pass, Keepass does.


All other wallets are made by third party – you can’t trust with your private keys!
Cryptosteel is everlasting:

  • Fireproof
  • Everlasting (stainless)
  • Waterproof
  • Magnetic shock wave Proof
  • Tool Less – design your cold storage in minutes

Having tons of paper, it is possible lost of your important notes/passwords/assets you can accidentally throw them out or destroy them. Kids can throw your papers away or pussycat or pet parrot can eat it.

Basically there is nothing what can goes possibly wrong. You can always reassemble your letter tails, before you close the container. If you can write it – you can protect it with Cryptosteel. 

Remember your seeds/passwords should never gets online before stored in your Cryptosteel.

You should as soon as possible recover your mnemonic seed into supported wallet.

You can protect your sentence with password – like in Trezor, you can add additional password to Master Seed.(link goes here) You also can add small padlock to your Cryptosteel and make sure no one can open without physical key.

 You can recover from Cryptosteel using recovery method supported by your trusted wallet vendor.

Do not forget you should do recovery process only on worst case scenarios because putting your seed online makes it potential target for viruses, malware and keyloggers.

With Cryptosteel you do not any longer need to rent a safe deposit box and pay annual fees.

You do not need to install or build a safe cabinets in your house or company HQ.

Be your own river bank, soil bank, forest bank – burry it in the pavement, build it inside the walls, hide it inside the three or nail it under the ceiling.

Cryptosteel have no distinguish fancy logos to attract the attacker, It is also made of the most common and worthless material – an ordinary steel – and can not be recon from a pipe or power-cord by the most precise scanners/radars.
Build it edgewise close to the reinforcement rod and your Cryptosteel will blends with solid construction.

Cryptosteel is an open source project, which means that all the blueprints are available under Creative Commons licence . You can find blueprints here

First of all you do not need to be worried about this, because we have many plan for future and we are now just at the beginning. The beauty of Cryptosteel is that you are the only one who has access to your private data so if we shuts down your data still belongs only to you.

Basically only thing you need to do is to contact support via  to initiate the RMA process. You will receive all the required information by email. We will do our best to troubleshoot the problem with you and you need to ship the product back to us for inspection if we didn’t find any solution.

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