Exciting News: Cryptosteel & Liana Wallet Team Up!

cryptosteel and liana collaboration

We’re thrilled to announce a new collaboration between Cryptosteel and Liana by Wizardsardine! Together, we’re joining forces to innovate the way you manage Bitcoin security.

Imagine Liana’s Bitcoin wallet with built-in loss protection and inheritance solutions, combined with the ultimate robust offline Cryptosteel’s metal backups. This partnership is about making Bitcoin storage simple, secure, and accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

To develop the most secure, user-friendly Bitcoin self-custody solution. By leveraging our strengths, we’re creating a product that enhances security and usability for all.

What This Means for You

We’re future-proofing your Bitcoin storage. Our full setup includes hardware wallets, Liana services, and Cryptosteel’s robust backups, ensuring your assets are safe from both digital and physical threats. Liana’s unique recovery options, enterprise-security and inheritance features make it easy to securely manage and transfer your Bitcoins.

What’s Next?

We’re on the brink of launching a groundbreaking solution that will transform secure Bitcoin long term storage. Stay tuned as we bring you the tools you need for secure self-custody of your Bitcoin. Your keys, your funds, secured for the future.

For more details, visit Liana and Cryptosteel.