If you want to learn more about Street Cyber’s work, be sure to visit streetcyber.art. Quoting the artist, “Let’s stick together for Bitcoin!”

5 Cyber Stickers Pack

Designed by Street Cyber

The 5 Cyber Stickers Pack is a unique collection of stickers that will appeal to Bitcoin enthusiasts. The creator of the designs is the popular artist Street Cyber. His works enjoy widespread popularity and are inspired by the philosophy of Bitcoin.



A perfect gift for Bitcoin enthusiasts

This presented set is the perfect gift idea for Bitcoin enthusiasts, cryptocurrency aficionados, and others who realize that there’s something amiss with the traditional financial system.

Street Cyber Artist
Crypto Stickers Gift

5 Cyber Stickers Pack

Each set available in the Cryptosteel offer has been hand-signed by the artist and includes the following stickers:

+ Be Your Own Bank
+ Buy Bitcoin – Defund The State
+ Don’t Trust. Verify.
+ Print Books Not Money
+ Make War Unaffordable

Let’s stick together for Bitcoin!

High-quality stickers

The Bitcoin stickers have been printed on high-quality paper, ensuring they adhere well to surfaces and retain their colors.

Thus, you can use them not only to customize your laptop, smartphone, and other items but also to stick them in public places to promote Bitcoin and its associated ideas.

Bitcoin Gift
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