The Ledger Nano S Plus is your gateway to decentralized security. Combined with original Cryptosteel solid steel backups, the system embodies a robust and effective solution for your digital asset protection.

Ledger Nano S-Plus + Cryptosteel Pack

Unbreakable Security, Legacy Protection

Step into an era of impenetrable crypto security with the Ledger Nano S Plus & Cryptosteel bundle. When the pioneering cold storage of Ledger pairs with the indestructible backup technology of the Cryptosteel Cassette or Capsule, you gain a fortress for your digital assets that’s as portable as it is bullet-proof, available single or double (solo or duo).

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Ledger Nano S-Plus + (choose your backup device)
Capsule Solo Ledger Pack
Capsule Solo
Capsule duo ledger pack
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Cassette solo ledger pack
Cassette Solo
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Ledger Nano S+