Limited Edition Cryptosteel Open Source Launch Bundle


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Limited run of one-of-a-kind test-run prototype, each signed, distinctive and part of a collector’s edition featuring a signed print by Cryptosteel’s contributing artist Rafael Akahira

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To celebrate that our newest-and-most-improved Cryptosteel blueprints are updated and available for download on an open-source basis we offer you this Limited Edition Cryptosteel Open Source Launch Bundle.
Unlike our limited offer, this is not a temporary arrangement. In fact, we pledge to support the open source way—always.

Limited Bundle contains:
1 x Signed Prototype of Cryptosteel
1 x Cryptosteel rev.2 MIX unit
1 x Rafael Akahira “Open Source” unique woodprint.


Each print, like each limited-edition Cryptosteel indestructible backup tool, is completely unique and available for a limited time only!


Cryptosteel unit can be used as an “eternal backup” for TREZOR and BIP39 HD wallets.
Cryptosteel Wallet will be packaged in bespoke, handcrafted Rafael AkahiraMutant packaging.


Weight 1480 g

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