Trezor Model One, the standard in offline crypto security for over a decade plus Cryptosteel provides seamless setup within minutes, with no extra tools needed!

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Trezor One + Cryptosteel Deal

Unbreakable Security, Legacy Protection

Secure, manage, and enhance your crypto experience by integrating the time-tested reliability of the Trezor Model One hardware wallet with the unparalleled durability of Cryptosteel’s metal backup devices, choosing between the classic Cassette or the innovative Capsule, available in single or double (SOLO or DUO) configurations.

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From $79

Trezor One + (choose your backup device)
Trezor Capsule Solo Backup
Capsule Solo
Original price was: $99.Current price is: $80.
Capsule Duo Trezor
Capsule Duo
Original price was: $154.Current price is: $120.
Trezor Cassette Backup
Cassette Solo
Original price was: $178.Current price is: $150.
Trezor Only Hardware Wallet
Trezor One Only