Popular Ways to Store Crypto Seed Phrase – Guide for Beginners

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Many beginner users of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies mainly focus on choosing a hardware wallet and storing it in a safe place. Nevertheless, consider what happens if such a device is lost or damaged.

  1. What is a Seed Phrase?
  2. Crypto Seed Phrase – More important than a Hardware Wallet
  3. Securely Store Seed Phrase – Most Popular Methods
  4. How to Ensure Seed Phrase Security with a Backup Device?
  5. What to Look for When Choosing a Seed Phrase Storage Device?
  6. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (like “How to Protect Seed Phrase Assets?”)

Even the best hardware wallets are only electronic devices, and their lifespan is limited the same as with smartphones, laptops, or TV sets. For this reason, securing a recovery seed phrase backup is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, most people only create a backup to sign off on a hardware wallet setup checklist and write down the mnemonic seed phrase on… a piece of paper.

You don’t have to be an expert to notice that a sheet of paper isn’t a durable medium, especially if the crypto seed backup won’t be needed in years to come. How, in these circumstances, should we ensure proper crypto phrase storage? That’s what this article is.

What Is a Seed Phrase?

The Importance of seed phrase (alternative name mnemonic phrase) comes from the fact that it’s a combination of words that allows easy access to a cryptocurrency wallet. Every crypto wallet is based on this principle, regardless of whether it’s a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet, or recovery seed words for any other crypto.

The hardware wallet seed generated during the first configuration is most often composed of a 12 or 24 word mnemonic recovery sequence, which is a user-friendly representation of a complicated private key. It follows that from the very beginning you should set up a safe method for seed phrase recovery, which means entering the designated words on a new hardware wallet device or app to recover access to your assets. Keep in mind that every person, who finds out the recovery seed phrase words can use them to take over the cryptocurrency portfolio. That’s why it’s crucial to implement safe seed phrase storage.

Crypto Seed Phrase – More Important than a Hardware Wallet

Though it may seem obvious to experienced crypto enthusiasts, it’s worth remembering that the seed phrase is more important than the wallet itself. If a modern smartphone lifespan is estimated to be three to five years, it’s wrong to assume that a hardware wallet will serve us for decades, and possibly centuries. A simple cracked screen will make it difficult for the user to access his or her Bitcoin. Moreover – the device could get lost or stolen.

On the other hand, if you have access to crypto recovery phrases, it only takes minutes to recover a Bitcoin wallet on a new device. To explain in simple terms, it’s like a backup key to a lock. If you have a backup key, you can enter. If you don’t – the door will remain locked FOREVER and you will never be able to get inside again. Always store your recovery seed phrase offline.

Store Recovery Seed on Paper

Writing down the sequence of words on a piece of paper is the simplest way to create a recovery phrase backup on your own. If the backup is created correctly (without third persons having access to it and ensuring the seed is never leaked online), you can consider it safe. Nonetheless, the problem of paper’s low durability is a key issue – especially in the scenario of sensitive data storage.


  • cheap
  • easy to prepare
  • easy to hide


  • low medium durability
  • zero resistance to water, fire, and other dangers

Seed Phrase Splitting

Splitting a seed phrase is a method that is often recommended by people who have no knowledge about security. We strongly advise against such an approach!

Check out the contest we organized together with Wasabi, where we proved that revealing several words from the recovery seed phrase can result in someone hacking it in no more than a few hours. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your seed away from prying eyes, locked in a device like the Cryptosteel Cassette or the Cryptosteel Capsule.

Keep in mind that there are special systems for seed splitting that actually enhance your security – one such method is the Shamir Secret Sharing method, created by the famous cryptography expert.


  • none if used by simply dividing the seed
  • boosts security when used in tandem with the seed-splitting systems like the Shamir Secret Sharing (SSS) method


  • highly dangerous
  • the more parts, the greater the risk of them falling into the wrong hands
  • false sense of security

There are, however, companies that specialize in wallet access recovery based on incomplete seeds, although this is a very costly and time consuming process. Additionally, there’s no guarantee of success.

Record Seed Phrase on Pen Drive or Storage Device

Storing a recovery seed phrase on digital media makes it easy to prepare any number of backup copies. Nonetheless, keep in mind that neither pendrives nor memory cards are designed as media for safe data storage over extended periods of time. Additional protection by encryption is a good idea to consider. Still, this doesn’t solve the issue of limited durability due to the potential for mechanical damage, water damage, or bitrot (data corruption resulting from decay over time).


  • low price
  • easy to hide


  • limited lifespan
  • lack of protection against mechanical, water, fire, and other types of damage

Protection Offered by Metal Wallet Type Devices

The Cryptosteel Capsule and the Cryptosteel Cassette are out-of-the-box type devices, meaning they’re ready to use immediately after taking them out of the package. What sets them apart from the competition is that you don’t have to invest in additional tools or spend time manually stamping characters onto steel plates or worry about the quality of the materials used to produce them.


  • every Cryptosteel product is a complete set that allows creating a recovery seed backup in as little as ten minutes
  • these backup devices are practically indestructible – they’re fireproof, waterproof, and impervious to mechanical damage and other potential threats. This makes it a very secure seed phrase backup solution.
  • easy to use


  • for beginners, the only flaw associated with a metal backup device is the price – especially if the purchase price exceeds a person’s BTC holdings. Nonetheless, Cryptosteel’s mission is to ensure protection for every Bitcoin enthusiast – that’s why we’re delivering ongoing promotional campaigns and discounts on a regular bases – you can always find the newest updates on our website!

How to Ensure Seed Phrase Security with a Backup Device?

In order to prepare a professional recovery seed backup you have to consider the necessity of dedicating a large amount of time for designing and creating an optimal solution – which is often associated with expenditure (tools, prototyping, etc.)

The Best Seed Phrase Storage

Small wonder that the majority of users prefer choosing a ready-made backup device solution, more precisely one that has already been tested by experts from around the word – and that backup solution is the Cryptosteel Capsule. Choosing this patented product, you can be sure that – as long as you follow the provided instruction manual – you’ll have no problem creating a highly durable recovery seed phrase backup copy – without unwanted third-party access.

If, on the other hand, you’re only starting your adventure discovering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and you’re wondering if it’s the right moment to buy a hardware, be sure to check out this article: When Should I Buy A Hardware Wallet And Backup Device?

Regardless which recovery seed phrase backup method you choose, remember to keep it in a secure location. This will allow you to recover your assets even in case your hardware wallet is out of order.

What to Look for When Choosing a Seed Phrase Storage Device?

Metal crypto seed storage device shopping is a choice that will be with you for years to come, since this type of device isn’t subject to wear and tear. That’s why you should make sure, right from the start, that the backup you choose delivers the expected level of security – and this can only be achieved by manufacturing using only the highest quality materials and rigorous testing in the R&D phase of product development.

Opinions from the crypto community are invaluable in cases like this – that’s why it’s worth checking they have to say about your chosen crypto steel seed backup solution (read more here Cryptosteel Capsule Review). You can also browse YouTube videos presenting stress tests, or go to one of many live events where you can see for yourself what the product looks and feels like. However, be warned – there are companies out there that leech of others’ accomplishments, and attempt to drive down ratings on their websites.*

* – To find out more, you can compare the files Cryptosteel uploaded to community websites over 7 years ago and take a look at what competing cassette-type products look like.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (like “How to Protect Seed Phrase Assets?”)

  • What is a crypto seed phrase backup?

Backup seed phrases are essentially sequences of words that are necessary to recover access to crypto assets in case your wallet is lost or damaged (this applies both to hardware wallets and apps). As we’ve mentioned before, there are many seed phrase storage options, and they have pros and cons. Take a minute to assess your security level needs.

  • What is a seed phrase recover wallet procedure?

Recovering access to a wallet using a recovery seed is useful when you plan to change your hardware wallet device to a newer model or replace a damaged unit.

  • How can you safely store seed phrase backups?

It’s definitely better to avoid electronic methods to record seed phrase backups, and memorizing a seed phrase is actually not without risk. The best idea is to get acquainted with seed phrase storage devices and choose a metal device that will ensure protection from various threats. It’s equally important to ensure the best option to store seed phrase safely.

  • Whom to reveal your seed phrase to?

Keeping seed phrase safe conditions is something every Bitcoin enthusiast needs to provide on their own. Never share this information with anyone, since it may automatically translate into losing all your Bitcoin. Storing seed phrases poorly can lead to loss of access to your cryptocurrency holdings at any moment!

Warning! Representatives of Cryptocurrency exchange platforms, hardware wallet manufacturers, or any honest people NEVER ask a person to share their recovery seed. If a stranger is asking for this information, you can be 100% sure this is attempted theft!

  • Recommended seed phrase storage device options

Cryptosteel is a company that invented, designed, and manufactured the first metal seed phrase storage backup device in the form of the Cryptosteel Cassette. This product became an example for competing businesses, some of which launched knock-off steel seed phrase storage backup. Several years later, Cryptosteel introduced a new seed storage device called the Capsule, which is to this day considered the golden standard and best seed phrase storage backup solution.

Secure Your Seed with Original Cryptosteel Devices and Boost Your Security!