Special Edition DASH 12.1 Cryptosteel


DASH 12.1 Special Edition
Unit MIX with 
DASH-themed engraving. 

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DASH 12.1 Special Edition Cryptosteel MIX unit

Ten items only, available while supplies last—only for buyers making payments using DASH.

Bundle includes 1 custom-engraved DASH 12.1 Cryptosteel unit, part-randomized alphanumeric tiles, signature packaging featuring cover art by Cryptosteel contributing artist Rafael Akahira and of course our Zero Questions Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.
Read more about this DASH 12.1 Special Edition Cryptosteel here: https://medium.com/@cryptosteel

With DASH 12.1 Special Edition Cryptosteel MIX unit you will be able to assemble:

+Master Seed
+Any Private Key or Sentence
+Any Hexadecimal Private Key

– double sided – each side can hold up to 48 tiles – 96 free tiles slots for any type of sentence, or 24 Mnemonics.
– over 655 letter tiles
(MNEMONIC and ANYKEY letter set in two boxes – all together)
– UPPER & lower case
– numbers
– special symbols : + – = *

Weight 610 g
Dimensions 250 x 180 x 45 mm
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