Capsule Anniversary – Limited Edition

As the first anniversary of the Capsule approaches, we worked with the artist Rafael Akahira, who  created a special, limited-stock art design to be included in the next 700 orders.

Printed on a half-sleeve for the Cryptosteel box, it is meant to celebrate how special the last year has been for us. The support of the community has been incredible, and we wanted to design something to commemorate an entire year with the Capsule.

Limited Cryptosteel box

Printed with a silk screen technique, Rafael Akahira incorporated holographic patterns as well, creating a stunning and creative design. Using a sharp knife, you can separate the glue binding at the bottom of the print and lift, allowing for it to be folded out. Designed to be fully framable, you can display it in your home to have a limited and unique work of art.

Each of the next 700 orders will have this included as a completely free gift. Ever since we launched the Capsule a year ago, we have received an outpouring of support from the community who have been grateful and appreciative of the Capsule and the protection it brings them. We are excited to celebrate this anniversary with all of you, and that all of you who order from us during this limited-stock will enjoy receiving a beautiful piece of Cryptosteel history.

Rafael Akahira incorporated holographic patterns

Cryptosteel believes the greatest risk to safety and prosperity today lies with the centralization of information, resources, and power. By allowing people to physically safeguard their own digital keys, we champion the decentralization of digital assets, virtual identities, and personal data.