Limited-print woodblock printed design by artist Rafael Akahira

Limited to 12 distinct and unique prints.

Made with Rafael Akahira’s woodblock printing technique where he uses the printing plate multiple times in order to create new patterns with different coloring consistency, this handmade approach speaks to his vision. Each design represents the individuality and uniqueness that the Capsule offers to the user, with the freedom it can provide giving way to creativity.

Get yourself a piece of Cryptosteel history!

Limited Edition: Capsule Anniversary Woodblock Print


On the first anniversary of the Cryptosteel Capsule, we are cooperating with the artist Rafael Akahira to produce limited, numbered works of art that symbolize the values of the Capsule.

Product Description:
Mixed technique on paper (49 x 35 cm / 19.2 x 13.7 in)
Woodblock print of a colorful, surrealist landscape.
Date of creation: 2020
Limited edition: 12 prints, signed and numbered
Unframed, sent in a protective tube.Includes an artist designed greeting card, with a note from the Cryptosteel Capsule inventors.


  • 1x Art print on canvas
  • 1x Cryptosteel Capsule poster
  • 1x Greeting card

Package Specifications:

Weight: 1.2kg/2.6lbs
Dimensions: 55 cm x 10 cm (diameter)


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