It’s here! The Cryptosteel Capsule NOIR – we’re expanding the color palette of our hit product by adding a stylish, glossy black finish version by adding a layer of innovative BALINIT® C coating.

Functional design and sophisticated aesthetics, creating the newest iteration of a product line that created the market for steel backups for crypto wallets. Let’s take a closer look!

We wanted to improve the original design but didn’t want to introduce any drastic deviations, so the Capsule NOIR shares the same design characteristics as the original Cryptosteel Capsule – a slim yet incredibly resistant cylindrical steel enclosure that houses a core with character tiles, separators, and fasteners, allowing safe, secret, and secure storage of cryptocurrency recovery seed phrases. That’s where the similarities end! The Capsule NOIR has been upgraded through the application of a revolutionary, cutting-edge technology: BALINIT® C, a tribological coating that prevents adhesive wear. Since BALINIT® C is (WC) tungsten carbide-based, it contains both metal and carbon, effectively mimicking the properties of diamonds. The end result is an optimal method offering lower tribo-oxidation and surface fatigue.

Cryptosteel with a layer of innovative BALINIT

Of course, boosting resistance and functionality was one of our aims, but we also wanted to deliver an alternative color scheme. The Capsule NOIR boasts improved abrasion resistance, and it’s a dark and discrete stylistic counterpart to the original shiny steel Capsule. The new surface coating is a reflective and glossy shade of graphite-like black, so that you can match the environment you decide to store the secret key to your cryptocurrency wallet backup seed phrase or other sensitive data.

Starting today, the Cryptosteel Capsule NOIR is now available exclusively as an extension of your basic Capsule set so you can utilize surplus character tiles from the original system. The Cryptosteel Capsule Parts:  Container NOIR contains one Cryptosteel NOIR Container, 25 Separator tiles, and three Fasteners. Grab one now and discover your dark side! We hope you’ll have as much fun using the Capsule NOIR as we had making it!

Find out the new Capsule NOIR here!