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The Cryptosteel Permanent Seed Phrase Backup System

A closer look at the thought process behind creating today’s icon of Bitcoin hardware wallet mnemonic seed phrase backup. Follow the inspiring story of Cryptosteel from inspiration to standardization.
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CONFIRMED! Lab Tests prove the Cryptosteel® Capsule is Fire-resistant Seed Phrase Storage, Withstanding Even 2461°F Extreme Heat!

We conducted a heat test to check the resilience of the Cryptosteel Capsule. The study showed that even at 2461°F (1350°C) the data stored inside the device is secure and stays legible.
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We’re expanding our hit product line by adding a stylish and glossy black finish version by adding a layer of innovative BALINIT® C coating. Functional design and sophisticated aesthetics, creating the newest iteration of the legendary Capsule…
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Why Are Four-letter Words the Standard for Recovery Seed Backup?

Cryptosteel - a Paradigm of Hardware Wallet Backups Secure offline storage of your private key is one of the foundations of self-custodianship. Welcome to the world of Cryptosteel products: the Cassette and Capsule are designed as easy-to-use…
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How to Create a Permanent Backup in Minutes

Offline permanency can be achieved in just minutes with Cryptosteel. You can have a completely offline and secure backup with no special tools or technical ability.
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Anatomy of the Capsule

The Cryptosteel Capsule is a universal backup tool that features many elements with a wide range of uses. Understanding the anatomy of the Capsule is not only important to maximize its potential...
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SPLITTING THE SECRET. The case for Shamir Backup with the Cryptosteel Capsule

The Shamir Backup system has revolutionized the Cryptocurrency world by creating a new standard of Master Seed protection. By splitting your information up and requiring a certain minimum to access the Master Seed, Shamir Backup has become one of the best methods for securing your data.
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Locks vs Seals: Why the New Cryptosteel Capsule Doesn’t have a Locking Mechanism

When it comes to cold storage, a padlock may seem like a good idea, adding an extra bit of security. However, this is only “security theater.” It may make you feel safer but in reality, it does little to nothing in that regard. As my grandmother…
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Independent Heat Test of the Cryptosteel Capsule

Our latest device, the Cryptosteel Capsule, is the result of years of R&D all towards building the best metal backup device possible. Of course, the research part of the equation means that we put the final product through test after…
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Metal Seed Security — The Producers of Low-Quality Copycats are Hurting Cryptocurrency Users

While the growth and maturity of the cryptocurrency space is a positive development for the industry as a whole, the shortsightedness of various players threaten the security of cryptocurrencies for everyone. Read on to learn why. At …