Anatomy of the Capsule

Cryptosteel Capsule is a universal backup tool.

The Cryptosteel Capsule is a universal backup tool that features many elements with a wide range of uses. We will be showcasing just some of the different ways these elements can be used here.

Understanding the anatomy of the Capsule is not only important to maximize its potential, but also to allow you to discover new and innovative ways to use the device. The simplicity of the design can be deceiving, as every part has been created with the user in mind and to maximize backup security.

Capsule protects your data.

The shell of the Capsule is what protects your valuable data, allowing it to resist most extreme situations, something that 2.3mm thick stainless steel provides. Made from a solid AISI303 steel bar, the seamless construction maintains the integrity of solid stainless steel, allowing for maximum durability. We tested the Capsule and determined it can withstand a massive 150kN of pressure while remaining intact, yet even beyond this point the Capsule protects your data by clamping shut on the tiles, keeping their integrity and your data accessible. By design, the moveable fastener and core are not fixed to the cap, which allows for the Capsule to open and have your seed be accessible even if completely crushed.

Backup device entirely made of one material.

Our main goal was to create a backup device entirely made of one material – top-grade steel. With this, you can weld it with a great degree of consistency and precision. Thanks to the long thread, the inside of the Capsule is hermetic, and your data can survive completely undamaged even in heavily salinated marine conditions.

The inside of the Capsule is hermetic.

The indents on the Capsule blend this utilitarian approach, providing both a grip factor (that is fingerprint free) as well as having an aesthetic appeal.

The cap hole allows for a great range of options, especially for attaching tags (such as a fireproof ID label), holders, and can even be used for mounting the Capsule. It’s a simple addition that provides immense flexibility in use. As it is, quite simply, a small hole on the cap, there are virtually no physical limitations to how you can utilize it.

Inside the Cryptosteel Capsule.

Inside the Capsule, the slot, which is where the fastener is located, is designed to aid in shock-absorbing movement and pressure by allowing for the fastener to safely move up and down, it reduces the potential stress placed on the tiles and thread.

With the light weight of the Capsule, alongside its small size, the options when it comes to storage are nearly endless. It can be transported and hidden with incredible ease and discretion. The shape is rounded, like a rod, allowing for it to be stored in extremely small spaces and, if needed – easily carried without discomfort.

We strongly encourage users to experiment and play with DIY additions to the Capsule, finding new and creative ways to further customize it to their needs. The more you understand about your Capsule, the more ways you can find to utilize it in unique ways. Don’t be afraid to explore the possibilities!


Cryptosteel believes the greatest risk to safety and prosperity today lies with the centralization of information, resources, and power. By allowing people to physically safeguard their own digital keys, we champion the decentralization of digital assets, virtual identities, and personal data.