Independent Heat Test of the Cryptosteel Capsule

Our latest device, the Cryptosteel Capsule, is the result of years of R&D all towards building the best metal backup device possible.

Of course, the research part of the equation means that we put the final product through test after test after test in the lab before releasing it to the public.

cryptosteel heat test jet fuel fire

Once it was in the public’s hands, we expected to be put under a pretty intense microscope. Not out of spite or maliciousness but out of genuine curiosity if our claims would hold up. They would be testing not only for themselves but for the community as a whole. The quicker bad actors are taken out of the equation, the better for everybody because a product that doesn’t work properly doesn’t deserve to be on the market.

We have to admit that we’ve had been looking forward to some members of the community doing their own “backyard” stress tests on the Capsule. Things that would really push it to the limit outside of our lab, simply because they were enthusiastic to independently refute or verify our findings.

To our excitement, we received an offer to have the Capsule put to a heat test by putting it in a pool of burning jet fuel. Survivability in case of fire has been on a lot of people’s minds lately and is a common concern of our customers. So, we sent off a Capsule to Utah and eagerly awaited the results.

Just over a week after the launch, charismatic twitter user hidden under the pseudonym “TOXIC Bitcoin Maximalist” picked up the gauntlet and performed the stress test with 550 gallons of burning A-1 jet fuel. And a Cryptosteel Capsule was in the middle of that inferno for over 100 minutes!

Some questions come readily to mind: Would the Capsule survive this fire? If so, could it be opened after? When open, would the tiles be readable? The answers to those questions were uniformly — yes! This was exactly the verification we were hoping for. Independent, outside, unsolicited. The Capsule passed the test and it was proven that we can take a hell of a lot of heat — no need to get out of the kitchen!

All we can say is “WOW! The Capsule was born for this! You Rock!” Well, that and “thank you @JimJones1913!” Some of the highlights of the stress test are below (tweets have been gently edited):

Cryptosteel Capsule Heat Test-Attached Capsule

Anyone else interested to see how the @cryptosteel Capsule stands up to a 550 gallon liquid pool fire (Fuel: Jet A-1)?

Cryptosteel Capsule Heat Test Jet Fuel Pump

When I first pulled the Capsule off the grate, I knew I wouldn’t be able to open this by hand and I was right.

Cryptosteel Capsule Heat Test from a Distance

I locked it in a vice and gave it a little persuasion with a pipe wrench and it came right off.

Explosions during Cryptosteel Capsule Heat Test

I slid the letter tiles along the rod and on a quick inspection the letters were identifiable.

Cyptosteel Capsule locked in vice after heat test

As this is not a seed I took the fastener off the rod and carefully laid the tiles out on my workbench. All letters were identifiable. There were some letters that are harder to identify possibly due to a combination of lighter stamping or as a side effect of a long time in a raging fire.

Cryptosteel Capsule results - tiles after heat test with jet fuel

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for performing these tests. If you find value in these reports feel free to support further testing.

To see the original Twitter thread, you can click here

Fire is just one of the many disasters that could befall your backup and we have you covered. The Capsule is fireproof up to 1400C and beats Class 350–4 hour vault heat resistance rating. A typical house fire (or forest fire) will not distort a Capsule and put your data at risk.

Repeatedly, we saw low-quality copycats of Cryptosteel products try to meet the quality of our build and the expertise of our process. And, time and again, we saw those devices fail basic stress tests.

Remember, once your data is lost, it’s lost forever. Your investments and savings are worth more than what you can save by purchasing a cheaply-priced Cryptosteel imitation.

As mentioned, fire is but a single concern. When it comes to flooding, shock, or even in cases of aggressive acts such as theft or violence your master secret can remain safe forever. The Cryptosteel Capsule will help you protect what’s yours.

PS: TOXIC, we got your personal message from the clearly readable tiles inside the Capsule after the test. Let’s spread it — The Mother of all Backups also loves nasty boys: “HODL 6.15 Bitcoin Keep On #Stacking Sats. If you HODL Fiat Currency Buy #Bitcoin Before The Music Stops Bticesh

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Cryptosteel devices are pocket-sized stainless steel units designed to securely store the important data of your choice with no need for specialised tools or third-party involvement. Each product comes with its own kit of stainless steel tiles engraved on each side.

Cryptosteel Capsule is the premier backup tool for autonomous offline storage of valuable data without any third-party involvement. The solid metal device, designed to survive extreme conditions, works under nearly all circumstances. It is compatible with most secret sharing and key generation algorithms.

The Capsule can store important information in up to 123 characters. Autonomous. Personal. Anonymous. Tangible.