CONFIRMED! Lab Tests prove the Cryptosteel® Capsule is Fire-resistant Seed Phrase Storage, Withstanding Even 2461°F Extreme Heat!

Lab Tests prove the Cryptosteel Capsule is Fire-resistant.

Fire is the most serious danger when it comes to data protection – it’s a seed backup threat that cannot be understated, with the risk escalating dramatically depending on the material of the medium.

  1. Cold Storage Hardware Wallet Protection – Even in Scorching Fires
  2. Survive Extreme Conditions
  3. The Ideal Cold Storage Backup for Hardware Wallets
  4. A Typical House Fire – How Will it Affect Your Recovery Phrase
  5. Is Your Metal Crypto Wallet Resistant to Fire?
  6. Additional Safety Measures for Your Private Keys
  7. The Scientists Have Spoken
  8. Electrical and Battery Fire Resistance
  9. Stainless Steel Wallet Protection Paired with Compatibility

Writing down your seed backup on paper may seem like a good idea, but in the event of a fire, it’s gone and impossible to recover.

Cold Storage Hardware Wallet Protection – Even in Scorching Fires

However, combustion is a hazard that’s not limited just to paper – various metal storage devices can also be destroyed if the temperature rises high enough. We decided to test if recovery seeds can be protected against conditions exceeding twice the average temperature and above those encountered in a typical house fire to answer the question – is there such a thing as a stainless steel fireproof wallet backup?

Cold Storage Hardware Wallet Protection


Survive Extreme Conditions

The Cryptosteel Capsule is a nearly indestructible cold wallet backup for storing private keys – a solid metal device that compliments Bitcoin hardware wallets and software wallets. Made of stainless steel, it’s the ultimate metal solution for storing your recovery seed, seed phrase, private key, or other valuable data. It’s the premier backup tool offering autonomous offline storage and protection against a typical house fire thanks to high quality stainless steel used for its production. Designed to protect your mnemonic seed phrase that unlocks your cryptocurrency wallet, it preserves your digital assets against nearly all circumstances.

Moreover, it’s also acid resistant and corrosion resistant – an ideal combination in case mistakes happen. The whole point of implementing such a backup is to prevent third party involvement so your confidential information stays secure. The goal of the Cryptosteel philosophy is to offer the best solution – more security without third party people – to keep your private seed phrase away from prying eyes. Your sensitive information – the key to your bitcoin wallet is safeguarded from harsh elements. It’s also hacker-proof! Securely store your secret access data for your hardware wallet. The tests we conducted prove our product will survive extreme conditions.

The Ideal Cold Storage Backup for Hardware Wallets

We commissioned a scientific fire-resistance study of the Cryptosteel® Capsule to verify its durability when exposed to extreme heat. The tests were based on international fire curves. The peak temperature inside a vehicle on fire, like an electric car or train, could reach 2192°F (1200°C) on average, topping even 2461°F (1350°C) in a worst-case scenario. The study was conducted by a team of scientists at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology headed by professor Dominika Grygier.

A Typical House Fire – How Will it Affect Your Recovery Phrase

The tests were conducted at 1832°F (1100°C), 2192°F (1200°C), 2372°F (1300°C), and 2461°F (1350°C), and the results were consistent – data stored inside the Capsule was still legible and secure! The Cryptosteel® Capsule’s resistance to extreme temperatures is achieved thanks to its cylindrical structure. The Shell was engineered as a precaution against natural disasters and extreme conditions. Other products on the market rely on punch-cards or other vulnerable technologies. If the metal is exposed to a high temperature and then air for an extended period of time, the metal begins to flake off and the seed backup will be lost.

The Cryptosteel® Capsule’s patented design protects the inside, making it a game changer when it comes to durability and fire resistance. There are practically no hardware wallets that can withstand such conditions! Best of all, you can gain access to your crypto wallets after an incident which passes the melting point for other devices – all thanks to the stainless steel.

A Typical House Fire - How Will it Affect Your Recovery Phrase

Cryptosteel® Capsule cooled down.

Is Your Metal Crypto Wallet Resistant to Fire?

Testing was done by placing the Cryptosteel® Capsules in a laboratory furnace for 60 minutes, then leaving it at room temperature. The final test, at 2552°F, (1400°C), ended up melting the Capsule. Without expert equipment and planning, it’s extremely unlikely to encounter unintentional fires at such high temperatures for as long. The study concluded that the Capsule provides unbeatable data integrity in extreme conditions.

Is Your Metal Crypto Wallet Resistant to Fire?

A Cryptosteel® Capsule that has been cut open completely reveals an intact seed phrase.

Additional Safety Measures for Your Private Keys

To boost security of your private keys even more, use a secret-sharing technique like Shamir Backup to double the protection that only the Capsule is able to provide. First, a backup device that can withstand almost any natural disaster, and second – a strategy that guarantees seed recovery even in the face of catastrophic circumstances – like a house fire.

The Scientists Have Spoken

The full report concludes with this statement: “The capsule material is resistant to temperatures up to 2461°F (1350 ° C)[…]” Based on the fire curves, it can be concluded that if a Cryptosteel® Capsule is engulfed in fire (building and/or vehicle), it will be possible to read the recorded data”. In essence, one of the most notorious and dangerous types of disaster for your seed backup can be mitigated with the Cryptosteel® Capsule. It can survive prolonged exposure to temperatures meeting and exceeding those seen on average in vehicle and building fires – and still allows extraction of your recovery seed phrase! Cryptosteel is, to the best of our knowledge, the most resistant cryptocurrency steel wallet backup device on the market!

Electrical and Battery Fire Resistance

Electrical device and Lithium ion battery fires are an increasingly common occurrence in the twenty-first century, following not only increasing numbers of mobile computing and communication devices, but also, and with more scorching potential – the rise of electric and hybrid cars, scooters, and bikes. Whether in automobiles, other battery-powered vehicles or electronic devices, power cells can catch fire if they have been badly made or damaged, or if there are errors in the software that controls the battery design. Rest assured – The Cryptosteel capsule stainless steel metal wallet backup device will securely store your backup from temperatures as high as those occurring in the inferno that ensues in a thermal runway incident inside a malfunctioning electrical device.

Stainless Steel Wallet Protection Paired with Compatibility

The Cryptosteel Capsule is compatible with leading hardware wallets including products like Trezor, Ledger, Blockstream and others. It is corrosion resistant, acid resistant, fire resistant, shock resistant, and needs no USB cable. It’s the perfect compliment to a offline permanent cold storage wallet. The boxed set includes all the letters needed, including special symbols, to assemble your mnemonic phrase composed of seed words, with enough space to fit any BIP39 seed phrases. The Capsule works with most hardware wallets, including the basic Trezor Model One, Ledger Nano, and Blockchain Jade units.


“At Cryptosteel, we believe the greatest risk to safety and prosperity lies with centralization of information, resources, and power.

We champion the decentralization of digital assets, virtual identities, and personal data by helping physically safeguard digital keys for cryptocurrencies.

We create dependable, no-third-party security solutions that combine uncompromising utility with ease of use.”