Special Edition DASH 12.1 Cryptosteel

To celebrate the release of DASH 12.1 Cryptosteel is offering ten Special Edition DASH 12.1 Cryptosteel units featuring custom DASH-themed engraving to mark the occasion.

The DASH 12.1 Special Editions are available while supplies last — only to buyers making payments using DASH.

As long-time fans of the DASH payment platform, the Cryptosteel crew is proud to be among the solutions being noticed by the team behind DASH. It is an honor that our indestructible backup tool has utility for this visionary group, and it has been an honor to customize our product’s design with DASH-themed engraving.

Cryptosteel Dash edition

Note that Cryptosteel has been accepting DASH payments for almost two years now, but this is the first time we’re offering a product available only to buyers using DASH.

Cryptosteel is the premier indestructible backup tool for optimal offline storage of private keys, passwords and wallet recovery seeds without any third-party involvement. The technology combines the age-old idea of engraving with a DIY assembly format and materials that are stainless, rust-free, and fireproof up to 1200°C/2100°F to survive extreme conditions and unthinkable abuse.


The spark was realizing that to create growth you must be secure in the safety of your assets. So Cryptosteel is basically about applying physical security to virtual assets.

— Wojtek Stopiński, Cryptosteel founder


Indestructible backup tool.

The Cryptosteel company headquarters are in the UK and all Cryptosteel products are assembled in Poland’s ore-rich Lower Silesia, home of company founder and cryptocurrency enthusiast Wojtek Stopiński.

Cryptosteel indestructible backup tools are compatible with the many awesome Bitcoin security solutions like Trezor and Ledger, MultiBit, GreenAddress, PrivateKey, Electrum, Mycelium… and many more.