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The Bitcoin Halving Celebration – What will you do with 6.25 BTC?

Cryptosteel joins the celebration of the Bitcoin Halving with a special edition of our Cryptosteel Capsule. According to the original White Paper, which was written on August 18th, 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto defined not only the concept of his…
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On Operational Security and Cryptosteel Capsule

How does it fit into OPSEC? Developing the second-generation Cryptosteel backup device was a long and intense process. As pioneers on the market, we gathered a lot of information along the way - utilizing feedback from both our supporters…
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Cryptosteel and Trezor – Solid Partners

From the beginning The original Cryptosteel device was a crowdfunding success back in 2015. Before we got to that point, a lot of research went into figuring out how to make the best product possible. We were creating the market for metal…
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Locks vs Seals: Why the New Cryptosteel Capsule Doesn’t have a Locking Mechanism

When it comes to cold storage, a padlock may seem like a good idea, adding an extra bit of security. However, this is only “security theater.” It may make you feel safer but in reality, it does little to nothing in that regard. As my grandmother…
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Cryptosteel Partnership With Blockstream

Cryptosteel have partnered with Blockstream, the global leader in Bitcoin and blockchain technology.
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Independent Heat Test of the Cryptosteel Capsule

Our latest device, the Cryptosteel Capsule, is the result of years of R&D all towards building the best metal backup device possible. Of course, the research part of the equation means that we put the final product through test after…
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Metal Seed Security — The Producers of Low-Quality Copycats are Hurting Cryptocurrency Users

While the growth and maturity of the cryptocurrency space is a positive development for the industry as a whole, the shortsightedness of various players threaten the security of cryptocurrencies for everyone. Read on to learn why. At …
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Custom engraving with your Cryptosteel

Cryptosteel is celebrating Black Friday 2018 with a special offer featuring a custom engraving with your choice of Cryptosteel purchase. Are you a fan of bespoke, personalised solutions? Or do you need a solution for labelling multiple…
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A Creative Company Is Motivated by the Desire to Achieve, Not by the Desire to Beat Others

Back when we were the only ones trying to produce a robust, user-friendly cold storage wallet (ages ago, in early 2014), our job was not easy, but our mission was simple: make the best product, adjust as we go, figure out how to reach our…
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Statement on Cryptosteel Open-Source Origins

Just as bitcoin is an open-source concept, the idea for Cryptosteel springs directly from open-source philosophy. It was our vision to make our design available to everyone, and it was our hope our product would inspire innovation in all…